Content is king, as all the SEO kids say these days. To this end, I create compelling copy that not only speaks to Google’s algorithm but also provides real value to the reader. Keyword manipulation and proper anchor text for linking are great and needed—and my copy always bears that in mind—but content has to answer questions, pique curiosity, change minds, persuade to purchase, and entertain. This is how I make my content, king.


Traction Video: Have you seen the Dollar Shave Club viral video? Or the Squatty Potty Unicorn? How about Purple’s Goldilocks and the perfect mattress video? These videos are viral marketing content created with the purpose of exploding a new company’s presence on the internet and in people’s minds.

Purple Goldilocks – Breaking down the successful elements of Purple’s traction video to highlight the efficacy of using traction videos to jumpstart sales and create cultural relevancy.

Unicorn Poop – Examining the success of the Squatty Potty video in a short but powerful blog that helps establish what a “Traction Video” is and why a potential startup should invest in one.

Crush the CPA Exam: This site offers valuable information to potential CPA candidates. It’s a very niche market, making for content that is likely very dry for those not in this niche. But it also requires exacting accuracy and true knowledge. This crowd quickly and easily discerns whether or not a post is crap or actually worth a damn.

Changes to the 2017 CPA Exam –  Brief overview of the changes, complete with custom graphics made by me in photoshop.

How to Become a CPA – This post also features an embedded YouTube video produced by me as well.

Why is the CPA Exam So Difficult? – Written as Jason Galaif, a partner for another site owned by Crush.

Gryfin: Owned by Crush, but not an affiliate marketing site. Gryfin is a test prep company offering review courses for professional accountants for licenses such as the CPA, CMA, CISA, CIA, and EA. I wrote copy for the entire website including but not limited to product pages, popups, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and privacy and policies.

A Worldly Perspective on CISA

Cost of Becoming a CPA

Who Actually Writes the CPA Exam, Seriously Who?

5 Types of People Who Should Definitely Take the CISA Exam

Why Become a CPA

Everyday CaliforniaThere isn’t much you’ll read from Everyday California that wasn’t written by me. As the Brand Manager, I helped push the brand to where it is today. I wrote the copy for the apparel site and the adventure site. For email marketing: copy and graphics, implementing flows and campaigns in Klaviyo. I also wrote press releases and guest blog posts for other sites. Check out their entire site, both apparel and adventure to see my work.  Here are some guest blog posts I wrote and some news segments I worked on:

The Active Times – Beginner’s Guide to Recreational Kayaking

SUP Examiner – Staying Fit While Keeping Cool, the Ultimate Beginner’s SUP Guide

Southern California Life Magazine – Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Fox 5 News:

Kayaking with Sharks

Heather Lake Kayaks with Shark in La Jolla

CBS 8 New:

Gray Whales Journey from Alaska to Baja California

Gray Whales Segment 2

Water Sports Inspire Workouts at the Beach

Re-fuel after Workouts with Healthy Juices

Email Campaigns and Flows: