The Way I Wish I Could Be

This last election mattered to me more than any previous election. The ramifications of its outcome are already destroying our nation. Trump’s plan for the first 100 days is ludicrous. His appointments are criminals and blatant racists. Rudy Giuliani favorably compared Trump to Andrew Jackson, the man we agreed was so terrible that it was a disgrace to have him on our currency.

I could go on and on about this, but what I’d rather do is share a message that brought me hope and gave me something to strive for in regard to character. My girlfriend’s friend posted this and I think it’s the only real way to come together and make a change for the better.

“A little less than two years ago I made it my goal in life to let go of the pain and anger that I had built up inside me. I have to say that I have been kicking ass. I’ve also been privileged enough to have a partner and friends and family who light up my life and have my back through thick and thin. I recognize that not everyone has that, but with their help I have found a sort of peace about myself.
Over the last few months I have restricted my use of social media because this election has brought out devastating truths about our nation and I wasn’t able to handle while keeping my sanity. That old anger was creeping back every time I logged onto Facebook. I would lose sleep and replay my peers racist/homophobic/misogynist comments over and over in my head wondering how people could be this way. It came to a point where I became a recluse as to not have to deal with these emotions.
Now that everything has gone so terribly wrong, I wish I would have fought harder and not isolated myself. I wish I did something. I don’t know what I could have done or really what I can do now but I have an idea as to where I want to start.
I would like to open a conversation with Trump supporters. A conversation without name calling or talking down and getting angry to the point of getting dumb. I want to know what your fears are. I want to know why you have these fears. I want to know about your hardships and your experiences. I want you to hear mine.
I can’t speak for the people of color/the gay and trans people that voices need to be heard first and foremost but I am a woman and I’m facing some serious fears for myself and loved ones. If any of you out there are willing to try to bridge the divide, I want to have a real conversation with you, human to human. I promise to keep my side civil and I hope that you are willing to do the same. I may not be the smartest and well informed person but my guts are filled with compassion and I will do whatever I can to help make things better. If your up to it please message me privately.”


One thought on “The Way I Wish I Could Be

  1. Take solace in the fact that only 1/4 of the nation voted for him to be the person to go to the wholite house counting the 47% that didn’t vote at all.

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