Times are Changin’

My routine is changed 
From the glory of the morning
I feel deranged 
As I poop in mourning 

Of the lost early poop
Which is far superior 
Than this later poop
Of a quality that's inferior 

There's just something lacking
From this post noon sight
To give it that smacking 
Of an afternoon delight.

I'm not sure what, exactly 
But I know the best part of day
To be sitting here extracting
Is not in PM, I have to say.


My first solid poo
What a joy
Such a bliss!

It was worse than the flu
Like a demon's toy
Everything amiss 

Lamb and such I did spew
The devil's ploy
Made me shit piss

PTSD, I suffer you
A lost little boy
That I do not miss

For now I well poo
Like a shiny toy 
With nothing amiss.

Veggies, Rice & Fish

Veggies, rice and fish

Make for a nice poo

If I had one wish

Cheese and beef too

Would be easy to pass

But we all know too well

That pooping a cheese mass

Can be a pooping hell

So here’s to fish, veggies and rice

Tasty, nutritious and all

That makes pooping nice

On this early morning in fall.

Morning Glory!

Glory be to all!

For this early morning poo!

Nothing better in the fall

Than a PSL poo!

Scarves and long sleeves

Or a Han Solo vest

Can’t match the butt sieve

From all the rest

For the PSL poo

Comes from the gut

And makes you feel new

As you wipe your butt.

Double Duece

Well well well what have we here

A two for one special, what a rare treat

I’m a one a day guy just to be clear

But today, the toilet, twice we shall meet

I cannot say why, but I have my suspicions

As to how I pooped twice

Without some restrictions

And hopefully not thrice

As I’d have some misgivings


Just now, I pooped two little poos

I had imagined a mighty huge dump

The announcing gas was loud like Trump

In end, I pooped too little poos

Barely worth the effort, I wish I knew

I guess, maybe later I’ll poop twice

With a grand amount of poop, that’ll be nice

Bringing something better, I hope it’s new


Foul smelling gas
Spewed forth from my ass
With such violent expulsion 
I assumed the worst would pass

Like a terror of a poo
Something frightening and new
A poo that would cause a tearing revulsion 
This was likely, I knew.

Once on the pot
With the seat nice and hot
I was hit with a sudden compulsion 
To leave and poop not.

Big gas pushed out!
Loud as an elephant snout
And into the water an emulsion 
Of tiny poo, filled only with doubt.