Ah YouTube, how we love you and your never ending and ever expanding heaps of content. The beauty of YouTube is the almost complete freedom it offers creators. Aside from copyright infringement, illegal activities and pornography, you can put just about anything on YouTube. Which of course means you’ll find tons of poorly shot, unedited garbage but sometimes the poorly shot unedited footage goes viral with a candidness that you can’t script. But there’s also tons of YouTube Creators out there making professional level content. The scope and scale has grown tremendously, largely due in part to the revenue sharing of YouTube. YouTube has helped average people become millionaires. And the most amazing part of this is not the largess of Google, but the fact that without the fans, the audience, they wouldn’t make a dime. It’s like a true meritocracy where if your video has merit, it’ll get the views which in turn leads to revenue. And this allows creators to keep on creating and put more time, effort and resources into their content. Because the true point is that they’re part of a community that engages in topics through subscribing, liking/disliking, leaving comments and creating content. It’s a platform of freedom of expression and viewer power. It’s unique and it’s beautiful. And I’ve loved it for a long time, like many of you.

I subscribe to quite a few channels and honestly watch more YouTube than I do regular “TV”. As a viewer, I love that no matter what my interests are, there’s probably somebody out there making videos about it. One of the communities that I most enjoy, due to my huge inner geek, is the tech community. There’s tons of amazing content and some really entertaining creators. And it’s always growing. And now there’s a new channel out there. One that wants to add to the already huge library of quality tech videos. It’s a channel for unboxing videos, mobile tech reviews and rants and raves on the current technological field. It only has one video right now, but it’s got big dreams. And it’s brought to you by yours truly. That’s right, The Dukedom is YouTubing. So come check me out on YouTube and leave me a comment. Let’s build on the already amazing community of YouTube tech videos. Here’s a link to my first video: Blue Snowball Unboxing


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