Get Shredded with your Kayak

Get Shredded with your Kayak


Kayaking has long been known as a fantastic activity for both sport and leisure. It’s also a nice light workout, utilizing your upper body. But if you want to get a little crazy and don’t mind looking strange, you can turn your sea kayaking into a fun and serious workout. Inspired by my buddy Luke, the Luke Camp Boot Camp Kayak routine will have you sweating and using your entire body while enjoying your time on the water.

First thing you need is a kayak, preferably a sit-on-top sea kayak. This routine is perfect for bays, calm days on the open ocean and any placid body of water. You’ll also need a paddle, PFD (personal floatation device) and I’d recommend a bottle of water.

Here’s the breakdown:

-Warm-up with a 20 minute continuous but easy pace, kayaking out to your designated zone.
-Get out of your kayak and flip it over. You’re going to look crazy here, but who cares!
-Get on your flipped over kayak. The slope of the bottom of the kayak will make balance difficult and engage your stabilizing muscles.
-It’s burpee time! Doing four-count burpees on your flipped over kayak is difficult and funny to watch, but will also get your blood pumping and work your entire body. Start by standing, hit the deck, kick out your legs, do a push-up, bring your legs back to your hands and finish with a jump-squat. Do ten of these.
-Get off your kayak and flip it over. Get into your kayak and commit to a 2 minute vigorous pace, kayaking as if you’re racing for your life!
-Rest for a minute. Take deep breaths, hands on your head.
-Now back paddle, kayaking in reverse for another 2 minutes, vigorously.
Get out your kayak, flip it over and do ten more four-count burpees.

Consider that whole crazy routine as one set. Do as many sets as you can until you feel the burn! Once you’re gassed, cool down with a leisurely pace, kayaking back in for another 20 minute journey.

The Luke Camp Boot Camp Kayak routine is best done with others, because if you’re going to look like a loon it’s best if you’re not the only one. I guarantee you’ll laugh at each other and have a blast while you get in shape. And the more the merrier!

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