My Body of Work


It’s funny, I’ve always wanted to be in a magazine—and I knew that I probably would be, but I thought it’d be through my words, instead of my body. But I’ll take it. And maybe my words will follow.

To be honest, I enjoyed the photo shoot, despite the chill in the air and the overcast sky. I wasn’t bothered by the directions given to “look this way” “turn your shoulders to the right” “jut out your jaw”. It didn’t feel nearly as awkward as I thought it would be, taking photos on a busy public beach like the La Jolla Shores with a dude holding a reflector just three feet from my face, every passerby stopping to gawk and the writer watching intently as her photographer directed me on how to hold my paddle. But then, I always did like being on stage. Now I just need to find the time and the discipline to get my words printed on the page.


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