San Diego Bikeshare with DecoBike San Diego

Paris, France has a well renowned bikeshare system that allows you to pick up a bike at one location, ride it around town to do errands, dodge dog poop, commit waterballoon drivebys or race cars down the street and then drop it off at a different location. Mountain View, CA which is pretty much owned by Google has a bikeshare system supplied by the search giant. And now The Whale’s Vagina joins the ranks of New York, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Seattle and Washington D.C. with its very own bikeshare program.

IMG_20150206_111243 (1)
DecoBike San Diego will let you cruise around town on one of their sturdy bikes for $7/hour, $15/day or $20 for a monthly membership. They have pickup and dropoff stations all around town and using the pay station is super simple. I’m glad they’re here, with San Diego having arguably the best weather in the country I’m surprised a bikeshare program hasn’t come sooner.

After talking to some of my buddies about this lovely new little bikeshare, it was suggested and met with much enthusiasm that we all do a day pub crawl on these bad boys until someone blacks out. We laughed and joked about all the hilarity and insanity that would ensue from such an outing and then I realized this: You can be charged with a DUI if you’re over the legal limit while riding a bicycle. That realization dampened our spirits a bit so we decided we’d stick to the waterballoon drivebys instead.


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