Whale whispering

CHRIMAS HODBOE here to share some more amazing tales of Whale Whispering. We kayaked 47.3 miles out on friday and we saw four Gray Whales. We whispered to them, letting them know that the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE would be kayaking out on Saturday. The above poses of CHRIMAS HODBOE is how we Whale Whisper. The results? Spectacular, duh. Who are the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE you ask? They are Nicomily Clamino, one Emily Cimino and Nicole Clap. Emily and Duke mind fight against Nicole and the Son of Hod. It’s always a stalemate because the combined awesome sauce of both parties cannot cancel each other out. Anyway, now you know the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE, you’re welcome earth.


Nicomily Clamino were in one kayak with the Duke in another. Miss Cimino is unfortunately very prone to seasickness but to our combined fortune this lead to her vomiting profusely off the side of her kayak. Her barely digested and oddly unchewed Scooby Snack fruit gummies were very alluring for a newly minted Gray Whale. His name is Jacob Jacob. You can call him Baby JJ and he don’t give a shit. He has a very lovely personality combined with a Honey Badger’s attitude. He cuddled the kayak of Nicomily Clamino. And now without further ado, I give you Baby JJ:

Eargasms anybody? Then get ready because tomorrow at 6:42 p.m. pacific standard time, CHRIMAS HODBOE will be recording the EDCA podcast. We’re going to talk about a great many things from World Politics to the mating habits of Mantis Shrimp. Once it is done and edited, we’ll let you know where to get it. But you must prepare properly to listen to it or you might die of severe tinnitus.

Step One: Drink an entire bottle of ketchup in under 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

Step Two: Plant you hands on one side of the wall and your feet on the other in your bathroom and take a piss, making sure to miss the toilet entirely.

Step Three: Wash your hands.

CHRIMAS HODBOE once ate an entire pulsar. The resulting bowel movement created 72,346 black holes.

CHRIMAS HODBOE created lasers, you’re welcome botanists.

CHRIMAS HODBOE maintains the stance that if ain’t broke then break it.



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