This is one of those quotes that slapped me in the face and made me think about how I’ve been behaving lately. And the timing of me finding it couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s crazy how some of life’s most profound moments blindside you and leave you floored with realization…

Wonder Of My Worlds


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Please Understand


I recently shared a video of an encounter with a baby Gray Whale and its mother. Many people have seen the video and there has been a terrible backlash of hostility from some well-meaning people. They accuse of us harassing the calf, of boxing it in and trying to separate it from its mother. This is simply not true. I love these animals and I know the laws and regulations in how to appropriately view them in the wild.

We spotted the mother over 200 yards Northwest of us and then positioned ourselves to be outside of her direct path. Her calf separated from her and surfaced right underneath my girlfriend’s kayak. It stayed there for over a minute, spinning playful circles and rubbing up against her kayak. I’ve conducted many whale watching tours and have never before seen a whale exhibit this kind of behavior. It seemed curious and playful and didn’t move away from us. It even stayed with my girlfriend’s kayak after she and her friend started backpaddling away.

Myself and the other guide approached to make sure they were safe and that nothing was wrong with the calf. When I came up next to my girlfriend’s kayak, the calf kept spinning circles and then rubbed up against my kayak before submerging and then resurfacing on the other side. It then rejoined its mother and stayed in the vicinity for several minutes. It was an amazing experience that I and everyone else on that tour will never forget.

I love these animals. I’m excited every single time I see them and aside from this experience, the tours I conduct are always outside of their direct path. Occasionally they surface close to us and we always remain stationary and stay out of their way because it is important to not interfere with them as they migrate south. The company I work for, Everyday California, offers these tours so that people can see them in the wild and realize that keeping such large and intelligent animals in captivity is extremely wrong and there are better ways to see them. We are ocean lovers. We are animal lovers. I feel terrible that some of our fellow marine animal lovers are so up in arms against us and view us with disgust and hostility. We are on the same side. We want to help keep them free and show people just how wonderful and essential they are.


Whale whispering

CHRIMAS HODBOE here to share some more amazing tales of Whale Whispering. We kayaked 47.3 miles out on friday and we saw four Gray Whales. We whispered to them, letting them know that the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE would be kayaking out on Saturday. The above poses of CHRIMAS HODBOE is how we Whale Whisper. The results? Spectacular, duh. Who are the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE you ask? They are Nicomily Clamino, one Emily Cimino and Nicole Clap. Emily and Duke mind fight against Nicole and the Son of Hod. It’s always a stalemate because the combined awesome sauce of both parties cannot cancel each other out. Anyway, now you know the ladies of CHRIMAS HODBOE, you’re welcome earth.


Nicomily Clamino were in one kayak with the Duke in another. Miss Cimino is unfortunately very prone to seasickness but to our combined fortune this lead to her vomiting profusely off the side of her kayak. Her barely digested and oddly unchewed Scooby Snack fruit gummies were very alluring for a newly minted Gray Whale. His name is Jacob Jacob. You can call him Baby JJ and he don’t give a shit. He has a very lovely personality combined with a Honey Badger’s attitude. He cuddled the kayak of Nicomily Clamino. And now without further ado, I give you Baby JJ:

Eargasms anybody? Then get ready because tomorrow at 6:42 p.m. pacific standard time, CHRIMAS HODBOE will be recording the EDCA podcast. We’re going to talk about a great many things from World Politics to the mating habits of Mantis Shrimp. Once it is done and edited, we’ll let you know where to get it. But you must prepare properly to listen to it or you might die of severe tinnitus.

Step One: Drink an entire bottle of ketchup in under 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

Step Two: Plant you hands on one side of the wall and your feet on the other in your bathroom and take a piss, making sure to miss the toilet entirely.

Step Three: Wash your hands.

CHRIMAS HODBOE once ate an entire pulsar. The resulting bowel movement created 72,346 black holes.

CHRIMAS HODBOE created lasers, you’re welcome botanists.

CHRIMAS HODBOE maintains the stance that if ain’t broke then break it.

Whales, Whales, Whales!

As you probably know, I work for Everyday California doing all kinds of amazing shit. One of the things I do is blog for them. Here’s my most recent post. Watch the video of the Gray Whale, you won’t be disappointed!

The Gray Whale encounters are in full swing, with almost every tour being fortunate to interact with gentle giants. And the last couple weeks have been simply amazing with multiple Gray Whales on each and every tour.

On the few tours that didn’t find Gray Whales, the tours were still lucky enough to kayak alongside superpods of dolphins consisting of anywhere from 100 to 300 common dolphins, white sides and even bottlenose dolphins.

The water has been unseasonably warm and incredibly calm with little to no surf. It truly feels like an endless summer here in La Jolla, CA. And with winter winding down and spring break just around the corner, before you know it you’ll blink and bam! It’s summer time once again.

But there’s still chilly days ahead, so be sure to check out our new long sleeves, hoodies and beanies. With the apparel picking up steam, they won’t last long! But when summer does find its way back we’ll have tons of fresh new tanks and tees with your favorite surfing bear dotting the front.

And for your listening pleasure, be sure to check out our new Everyday California podcast on iTunes hosted by none other than CHRIMAS HODBOE! We’re recording the first show next week, so stay tuned for details and get ready to have your mind blown and scattered to the four corners of the universe. Eargasms will happen; you’re welcome humans. And you’re welcome physicists, there ARE four corners to the universe.