A Beautiful Mind

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I read this and thought about my girlfriend. We talk, me and my Emily, about a great many things. Your typical “how was your day”, “what are your plans for the week”,  “check out this crazy thing that happened today” and all the other normal day to day small talk that characterizes your standard relationship. And we love these moments of sharing of the events and people in our lives with each other. They’re necessary and vital in any good relationship. They come with an emotional understanding that nurtures the established intimacy. Mundane to others in specificity, yet uniquely personal to each other.

But the mundane isn’t what draws me to her. It’s not what intrigues me about her. It’s not what excites me. It is her mind to which I’m so deeply attracted. The ideas that swirl around in her head and guide her in how she approaches the world, life and people are what pull me in. And when she shares them with me, I feel connected to her like I have never been before.

We engage in long discussions on a variety of ideas ranging from philosophical to psychological to political to cosmological. The entirety of the universe and all that it encompasses is laid bare and examined in dynamic conversations I cherish above all things. In these moments it’s almost like the world around us dims and we are an island of two where time ceases to pass, sharing an intimacy I’ve never known. It is an exploration of our similarities and differences and the opening of ideological doors. It is love. And it nourishes longevity because these long discussions aren’t separate chapters in the book of life that will eventually end. No, they are one continuous discussion on the idea of who we are, how we came to be and who we are becoming, together.

So find that person who stimulates your ideas with their own and share them. You’ll explore the universe together and add your stamp to the idea of love, which is what truly makes the world go round. Well, that and a good cup of coffee.



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