Get Wet




I live in Paradise, also known as San Diego, California. It’s an almost endless Summer here in The Whale’s Vagina, with some of the most beautiful coastline around. It’s so amazing that despite working at the beach five days a week, I still feel the call of the big beautiful ocean. It more than fascinates me; it captivates my soul.

I’m lucky to have many loving friends and family and a girlfriend to die for, and she’s the only thing that I love more than the wide wonders of the sea. And that’s saying something. I’ve swam with dolphins and sea turtles. I’ve kayaked alongside Gray Whales and Blue Whales. I’ve even touched the largest creature to have ever lived on our planet.

Basically, I’m just beaming happiness. I live in one of the best places in the world, I get paid to play in the ocean and I’ve found someone for whom I feel more deeply than depths of the sea. Be happy my friends. Find that someone special and do what you love. Live your dreams and get wet!


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