Totes McGoat

Totes McGoat

CHRIMAS HODBOE doesn’t use totes because CHRIMAS HODBOE stores all things in the mind, but if CHRIMAS HODBOE did use totes he’d use one of these bad boys. It’s a tough choice though, so CHRIMAS HODBOE chooses both. And so should you because of these reasons:

  • You can keep your Brutus towel in there along with your Lunchables and boxed wine.
  • They make excellent grocery bags so you can say you saved the environment (CHRIMAS HODBOE already did this, but he’ll let you take partial credit).
  • They can hold roughly 16 kittens and 7 puppies.
  • The Endless Summer Tote makes for a great tool bag. Easily holds 13 hammers.
  • Reynard’s Tote can fit two entire spare suits inside with room for a pair of loafers.
  • 22 pounds of sand from your favorite beach is easily smuggled away in either tote.
  • When used while wearing any Everyday California apparel, they generate a force field.
  • They’re sexy. Pure and simple.
  • CHRIMAS HODBOE demands it.

CHRIMAS HODBOE would like to enlighten you on his mind storage. Seventy Billion years ago CHRIMAS HODBOE created inter-dimensional travel, you’re welcome aliens. This made it possible for wizards, mages, warlocks and witches to create Bags of Holding. If you don’t know what that is then you probably had some semblance of a social life during high school that did not involve 20 sided dice and Dungeon Masters. Your loss. CHRIMAS HODBOE’S mind is a Bag of Holding. Come get some space dwarves!


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