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CHRIMAS HODBOE never left, because he can’t. He’s everywhere, always, errday! And now he’s here, again. Don’t try to figure it out, because you can’t. It’s a paradox, which was invented by CHRIMAS HODBOE.

And CHRIMAS HODBOE has some things he’d like to share with you:

1. The new shop is freaking fantastic. You need to see it. It’ll make your soul feel touched by soft angel wings.

B. We’re working on a new website. It’s going to blow your mind-hole. Just like our new shop does.

1a-c5. Whale Watching is fast approaching, get stoked. Each season we see record numbers of Gray Whales and we’re excited to bring you out to play with these gentle giants.

III. We’re introducing an insane campaign. It’s called The Worn by Brian Line. Here’s the deal: Brian Stevens wears almost exclusively Everyday California gear, which makes sense because it’s the freshest, sickest, oh-so-soft-it-makes-you-want-to-cry gear around. And every once in a while, Stevens takes a day off. Which means he’s not being harassed as much as he deserves. So, when he does take a day off, CHRIMAS HODBOE will blast out his whereabouts on our social media. If you can find him, you can buy the Everyday California shirt off his back, the EDCA hat off his head, and ladies…if he’s wearing some of our limited edition sweatpants…they’re yours.  And he HAS to sell it to you, no matter what. Even if he’s in church. Or the courthouse. Or the bathroom at In and Out. It’s a full on assault. The goal is to deplete his wardrobe. We’ll keep you posted for more details.

7 after. The CHRIMAS HODBOE tour is once more available. It happens a couple of times a week. You’ll know if you’re going to be on it because you’ll wake up tingling the morning of with a warm fuzzy feeling, like you’ve had one too many mai thai’s.

CHRIMAS HODBOE invented the color purple. You’re welcome royalty.


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