Step Aside Ron Burgundy


So Monday was National Coffee Day and I was lucky enough to be featured on San Diego’s The CW channel 6. It was very last minute and I was extremely hungover due to an Everyday California event at Bar West, but it went mostly well. I jumbled my words a bit and completely failed at trying to talk about coffee in regards to its ability to prolong life, but all in all I’m happy that I was fortunate enough to be there.

It’s weird watching yourself on TV. You see yourself more closely to how others do and it often doesn’t match up with how you think you look or come across. And the things you know you do, look different and you feel different about those idiosyncratic behaviors after witnessing them. For example, I fidget. Constantly. So much so that when I am still…it looks too still and disquieting. It’s interesting to say the least and disconcerting at the worst.

At least I didn’t look as bad to me as I did on the TV show we’re doing at Everyday California. Now that is a potential shit storm. One on which I’ll write about after I see the final cut. As for now, check out the segment!


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