Sea Turtle


This guy is hard to find and a little shy, but he’ll chill out with you if you’re lucky enough to chance upon him.

He lives in the marvelous La Jolla Ecological Preserve and is one of the many reasons why Everyday California is hands down the best job I’ve ever had.


Get Wet




I live in Paradise, also known as San Diego, California. It’s an almost endless Summer here in The Whale’s Vagina, with some of the most beautiful coastline around. It’s so amazing that despite working at the beach five days a week, I still feel the call of the big beautiful ocean. It more than fascinates me; it captivates my soul.

I’m lucky to have many loving friends and family and a girlfriend to die for, and she’s the only thing that I love more than the wide wonders of the sea. And that’s saying something. I’ve swam with dolphins and sea turtles. I’ve kayaked alongside Gray Whales and Blue Whales. I’ve even touched the largest creature to have ever lived on our planet.

Basically, I’m just beaming happiness. I live in one of the best places in the world, I get paid to play in the ocean and I’ve found someone for whom I feel more deeply than depths of the sea. Be happy my friends. Find that someone special and do what you love. Live your dreams and get wet!

Totes McGoat

Totes McGoat

CHRIMAS HODBOE doesn’t use totes because CHRIMAS HODBOE stores all things in the mind, but if CHRIMAS HODBOE did use totes he’d use one of these bad boys. It’s a tough choice though, so CHRIMAS HODBOE chooses both. And so should you because of these reasons:

  • You can keep your Brutus towel in there along with your Lunchables and boxed wine.
  • They make excellent grocery bags so you can say you saved the environment (CHRIMAS HODBOE already did this, but he’ll let you take partial credit).
  • They can hold roughly 16 kittens and 7 puppies.
  • The Endless Summer Tote makes for a great tool bag. Easily holds 13 hammers.
  • Reynard’s Tote can fit two entire spare suits inside with room for a pair of loafers.
  • 22 pounds of sand from your favorite beach is easily smuggled away in either tote.
  • When used while wearing any Everyday California apparel, they generate a force field.
  • They’re sexy. Pure and simple.
  • CHRIMAS HODBOE demands it.

CHRIMAS HODBOE would like to enlighten you on his mind storage. Seventy Billion years ago CHRIMAS HODBOE created inter-dimensional travel, you’re welcome aliens. This made it possible for wizards, mages, warlocks and witches to create Bags of Holding. If you don’t know what that is then you probably had some semblance of a social life during high school that did not involve 20 sided dice and Dungeon Masters. Your loss. CHRIMAS HODBOE’S mind is a Bag of Holding. Come get some space dwarves!

Space for Cream Preview

Hello there! I’m starting over on Space for Cream. The struggle is real! I trashed quite a bit of stuff that I probably should have kept, typical of me. But what’s done is done and I’m moving on. Here’s the new opening scene. Let me know what you think. Just keep in mind that it is super rough still.


The day begins like everyday. The pain is the same and the medicine is the same. And the work is the same, just in a different place. The sound of the fog horn accompanies me in the early morning as I go about the small studio, making sure she’ll have everything she needs. The stillness is interrupted by the creaking floorboards and the deep bass of the fog horn. Her damp pale skin glistens in the moonlight, like a scene from a terrible drama. It’s the last thing I see every morning before I leave for work.

I lock the door behind me and step out into the somber early pre-sun morning. Fog-blanketed streets greet me, glowing from the shrouded streetlights. The fog cloaks the echo of my footsteps as I walk down the street. The entirety of The City lies quiet; it’s denizens sleeping. The deep blaring of the fog horn interrupts the quiet for just a moment before fading away. It feels like the heartbeat of the city, pulsing along at a steady pace. I thought I would hate it after first experiencing it, that I would come to despise it’s wall penetrating power. But I do not. Instead I find it comforting. It’s necessity, it’s permanence, it’s longevity—the simple yet unrelenting fact that it is far older than me and that it will live far longer sits well in my stomach as it shakes my bones.

The power of it softens little by little as I continue down the street. The marine layer has a metallic taste to it as it passes through to my lungs. How many carcinogens are entering my body through this thick ground cloud? I do not know but I’ll add to them with a cigarette. Each one I light sparks a small fire of guilt that threatens to consume me. She nevers says anything. Even her eyes are absent of judgement. And I find that to be worse than if she were just mad at me.

I should quit, but I don’t want to. They comfort me. They pull me in as I pull on them to inhale. The sensation of the smoke filling my lungs engulfs my mind and I feel free to think, to dream, to imagine. Where will I get these moments if I quit? When will I be still for just ten minutes, to think or to not? Will I ruminate on the things that bother me or take off in my imagination to worlds unoccupied by work, war, politics and struggle? I am afraid to find out. So I keep smoking as my feet take me through the shrouded streets to the glowing green sign identifying my store.

The siren looks down, beckoning me and others. Apron in hand, I snuff out my dreams and unlock the door. They’re coming, and soon. Coffee makes the world go round and I make the coffee. Welcome to the day world, here’s your hand-crafted cup of addiction all dressed up and ready to go.



IMG_20141001_083041 Processed with VSCOcam

CHRIMAS HODBOE never left, because he can’t. He’s everywhere, always, errday! And now he’s here, again. Don’t try to figure it out, because you can’t. It’s a paradox, which was invented by CHRIMAS HODBOE.

And CHRIMAS HODBOE has some things he’d like to share with you:

1. The new shop is freaking fantastic. You need to see it. It’ll make your soul feel touched by soft angel wings.

B. We’re working on a new website. It’s going to blow your mind-hole. Just like our new shop does.

1a-c5. Whale Watching is fast approaching, get stoked. Each season we see record numbers of Gray Whales and we’re excited to bring you out to play with these gentle giants.

III. We’re introducing an insane campaign. It’s called The Worn by Brian Line. Here’s the deal: Brian Stevens wears almost exclusively Everyday California gear, which makes sense because it’s the freshest, sickest, oh-so-soft-it-makes-you-want-to-cry gear around. And every once in a while, Stevens takes a day off. Which means he’s not being harassed as much as he deserves. So, when he does take a day off, CHRIMAS HODBOE will blast out his whereabouts on our social media. If you can find him, you can buy the Everyday California shirt off his back, the EDCA hat off his head, and ladies…if he’s wearing some of our limited edition sweatpants…they’re yours.  And he HAS to sell it to you, no matter what. Even if he’s in church. Or the courthouse. Or the bathroom at In and Out. It’s a full on assault. The goal is to deplete his wardrobe. We’ll keep you posted for more details.

7 after. The CHRIMAS HODBOE tour is once more available. It happens a couple of times a week. You’ll know if you’re going to be on it because you’ll wake up tingling the morning of with a warm fuzzy feeling, like you’ve had one too many mai thai’s.

CHRIMAS HODBOE invented the color purple. You’re welcome royalty.

Step Aside Ron Burgundy


So Monday was National Coffee Day and I was lucky enough to be featured on San Diego’s The CW channel 6. It was very last minute and I was extremely hungover due to an Everyday California event at Bar West, but it went mostly well. I jumbled my words a bit and completely failed at trying to talk about coffee in regards to its ability to prolong life, but all in all I’m happy that I was fortunate enough to be there.

It’s weird watching yourself on TV. You see yourself more closely to how others do and it often doesn’t match up with how you think you look or come across. And the things you know you do, look different and you feel different about those idiosyncratic behaviors after witnessing them. For example, I fidget. Constantly. So much so that when I am still…it looks too still and disquieting. It’s interesting to say the least and disconcerting at the worst.

At least I didn’t look as bad to me as I did on the TV show we’re doing at Everyday California. Now that is a potential shit storm. One on which I’ll write about after I see the final cut. As for now, check out the segment!