New Shop


Each day brings us closer and closer to our new shop being finished. Tommy 2 guns and my little redneck brother have been plugging away every day. The tree house is looking incredible. The murals are perfect, the two hundred year old wood salvaged from the bottom of the Pacific makes the walls utterly unique and the spirit of what we do in La Jolla’s Ecological Preserve is present in each board.

There’s so many things to be excited about with the new shop!

Three times the space, making our daily operations far easier and more comfortable for our guests.

Legitimate retail space to showcase our latest gear.

Beautiful craftsmanship to accent the amazing Avenida De La Playa in La Jolla Shores.

A flagship setup to inspire future stores.

And the best part is that my baby brother’s hands helped shape it. It’s been awesome having him out here. I needed to reconnect with family in a bad way. One thing that had always been an obstacle in trying to do so was work.

I’ve always committed myself 100% to my job and it’s demanded a certain amount of sacrifice, which has always been my family. Being able to work with my brother, doing something completely unique and compelling, has been one of the best things I’ve experienced. It’s truly amazing.


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