Memorial Day


Memorial Day marks the beginning of our busy season Everyday California. From now until Labor Day we’re going to be busy busy busy taking out people from all over the world to explore the wonderful La Jolla Ecological Preserve. It’s a great day to kick off the season as it’s the day we as a nation give thanks and remember all those who have died in service to our country, allowing us to have the freedom to enjoy our nation’s wonders.

I’m very fortunate to work with many veterans at Everyday California. A few have made a huge impact in my life through the gift of friendship and the amazing experience of working with such an elite group. They’ve been trained superbly to work together as a unit and always have their brothers’ backs. Individually they are each a badass and together, they’re mind-blowingly capable of just about anything. They are my brothers.

So I want to say thanks to Nick Gomez, Chris Hodson, Alfredo Case and Ben Patterson for their service and to honor their fallen comrades. They are truly amazing humans and I count myself lucky to have worked and played with them.



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