Pie and Stuff

2013-12-04 21.50.34

See that pie? Yeah, I made that. From scratch, using a real live pumpkin. None of that canned pumpkin nonsense went into this pie. Took me a couple of hours. No big deal. Used a Sweet Pie Pumpkin; sliced it, gutted it, baked it, scraped it, blended it, tossed in the other ingredients and BAM! pie was ready to bake. Used a graham cracker pie crust. Paired it with Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream, duh (what else would I use?). Which, by the way has only five ingredients, making it superior to just about all other ice creams. If you disagree, tell me what’s better in the comments. Which is another thing I want to talk about, so let me digress completely and even start a new paragraph for this shit.

I see a few bloggers here on the ol’wordpress site liking my blogs and following me. So I return the favor and follow their blogs and like the posts that I genuinely like and drop a comment on the ones that I feel compelled to do so. But what I notice, is that while I’ve had some engagement from some of these wordpress bloggers (you know who you are and I thank you) others of them are not engaging with my posts. Some of them will “like” them but won’t bother to leave a comment. And I get it, not everything I post is compelling enough for that. But some of it should be, at least a little. But when I look at their blogs and they’re blogs about making money blogging, I become skeptical of those bloggers and doubt they are genuine people.

I’ve tried not to be so cynical these last few years with moderate success, so I pushed down my initial feelings when I started to get these types of followers. What I’m getting at is this: Are you really reading this? Are you genuinely interested in what I have to say via the written word? Are you part of a large scam? Will you comment below to let me know? 

Otherwise, I’ll stop following your blogs. Which, to be honest, all say the same thing. The content isn’t all that different.

But back to the pie. I made that pie for my girlfriend. She had a tough day. It was easy to do and it had such a powerful effect. She loved it, because it was bomb (to those of you who received a Thanksgiving mini-pie from us, I’m sorry–they sucked, this one was superb) and it made her feel loved.

I’m still perfecting it. It will evolve into the best pumpkin pie in the universe. Tibetan monks will gladly burn ants with magnifying glasses for the privilege of smelling one.


6 thoughts on “Pie and Stuff

  1. Sometimes I don’t comment on blogs because I don’t feel like I have anything original to add. I don’t comment on your blog specifically here because I choose to do so in Facebook where you link it. I’m not a WordPress member. 🙂

  2. I read and appreciate your blogs. You already know that as well as the fact that I enjoy everything you say. With or without a reaction from others, keep doing what you do so very well…communicate!

  3. That pie looks delicious.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not part of a giant scam, but I have been separated from the WordPress for a while. You’re pretty much the only person I follow on there so far; I haven’t really taken the time to explore it yet. I don’t even know how to login to comment from my phone. >.>

    I enjoy reading your written word. Always been a fan. Actually I’m only a couple pages into dark roast…

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