Picture Time

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. Sometimes I just feel like eating ice cream sandwiches until I pass out. Sometimes I have nothing worth saying and nothing worth showing. But sometimes, I take a picture that doesn’t say it all (because that would be cliché) but it catches a glimpse of what I’m feeling. And sometimes, I feel like sharing.


This is what I see when I leave work. It makes me appreciate autumn. It makes me love where I live and where I work and where I play. It’s a beautiful finish to each day.


My job has two locations. This is the view from the second. It’s what I see at the end of the day when I’m not on the water. It refreshes my computer screen strained eyes and fills me with a sense of warmth like good scotch in the belly.


Ginger versus Ginger: Fight!


This is my girlfriend, Sierra. She’s kind, caring, compassionate, smart, considerate and incredibly beautiful. And she has a mustache tattoo on her finger! What you know about a biscuit?

DSC03339And this is me, wearing an Everyday California hoodie at the beach just a couple of blocks from our office. What’s really cool is what you can’t see in this picture and that is that one of the owners is flying a drone with a GoPro mounted to it behind me. Yeah, we’re creeepin’ on ya, say something.

13 - 1

One time, not at band camp, me and my girlfriend took Chris Hodson’s sandal that I swiped from him at work one day everywhere we went and documented it. Then I made this collage. You’re welcome CHRIMAS HODBOE.

This has been picture time with The Duke. Thank your for looking and stay tuned for more.

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