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I saw this in the bookstore, yes an actual brick and mortar reseller of stories printed on paper and bound together with an “enticing” cover. It made me smile and it made me think, “I never would have seen this browsing on the internet.” Or at least it wouldn’t be likely, especially in today’s highly personalized and specifically targeted internet marketing.

Google learns from what you click and from where you go in the virtual expanse of the interwebs and it configures ads more likely to pique your interest based off your collective internet viewing experience.

Amazon does the same thing. So, Saying Yes to the Duke would never have popped up in my recommendations and since I do not read romance novels, I would never peruse that category’s offerings and would never have gained the smile it’s title produced.

I guess what I’m saying, is that the old ways still have value and offer means not yet attainable by the ever-evolving technosphere. Staring at a computer screen, scrolling down the infinite possibilities of the internet isn’t nearly as rewarding as walking through aisles of printed books with covers screaming at you, “Pick me! Pick me! Oh please, pick me.”

Oh, and you should definitely say yes to The Duke.

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