The power of a sentence, of a single word, of an omission, can rock the foundations of your world and leave you stumbling on shifting sand, unsure of where you stand. Something I noticed from something I wrote and from what I didn’t write. It bolstered the old axiom, “Choose your words carefully,” as you never know what someone will take from them. It is the intentional fallacy: once these words leave my fingertips, they are no longer mine. I only hope their new owners feel moved by them. That is what I want to do with my writing. I want to move people the way I’ve been moved. I want my words to engage and encompass and pull someone into a world completely free of the one in which we live. I want to create a moment of escape where the stresses and the issues of life are gone for a time. I want to tell a story that grips the reader and holds them hostage for a length of time. I want my words to matter in the ways that I want them to matter. Those near and dear will always take something away from my words, and I have to understand that it may not be what I had in mind. Intent and content are often misaligned. So for those that know me, I’m sorry ahead of time, I’m just trying to reach those not already mine.


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